Brome Lake is now the 8th “Coeur villageois” to join Tourism Eastern Townships

In 2015, Tourism Eastern Townships created the Coeur Villageois network to help municipalities develop in an harmonious way their potential as attractive, sustainable tourist destinations, highlighting the characteristics that make them unique. It’s what we could call “to sculpt” its own identity to better share it. In 2017, Town of Brome Lake became the 8th “Coeur villageois” to receive its accreditation and can now benefit from the promotion surrounding this product.

Betting on the natural beauty of its site, its history and its built heritage, its culture, its nature and its quality of life, Brome Lake enters a new era of revitalization of its Town center.

During eight months, a steering committee of 16 volunteers from the touristic, cultural and community sectors has worked on a comprehensive beautification process for the municipality and its « Coeur Villageois » to enhance its appeal for visitors and residents alike. The project will be the starting point to create a lively dialogue between visitors and residents, a key point in the process.

The objectives of the committee was to conduct and in-depth analysis of the main features of TBL « Coeur Villageois », including the geographic boundaries, a description of the area’s distinctive features and an overview of the current situation. The second objective was to develop a concrete, realistic action plan based on the current context of the Town of Brome Lake and include a section on promotion and a description of an unforgettable day in TBL.

Eight parts that can be translated into concrete actions have been identified :

  • Creation of a real public space downtown
  • Lake Access and Activities
  • Extension of the existing network of hiking trails
  • Landscaping and Seasonal Decor
  • Stimulation of Commercial Activity
  • Improvement of local gourmet product offerings
  • Tourism promotion based on cultural, historical and heritage, nature and sports, food and commercial offerings, plus the creation of an Unforgettable Day.
  • Creation of a Standing Tourism Committee

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