Lee Patterson

Lee Patterson was born and raised in Lac-Brome and for over fourty years he has been calling it home. Involved in the community since his youth, he has been a volunteer firefighter for almost twenty years. One of his wishes is to see the construction of a new firehouse that meets current safety standards to honor the involvement of all volunteer firefighters who are dedicated to making sure residents are safe and well protected. The Town is currently working hard on securing grants to see this project come to life. He was also happy to see that the international program at École Saint-Édouard, where he studied, remains in place following his involvement, a legacy that will benefit the community. If our youth get the maximum with regards to education, the more they can contribute positively to our Town’s future.

Becoming a Town councilor was Lee’s way of pursuing his social involvement. He works hard at making our Town a place where everybody feels welcome. Coming from a background in communications and broadcasting, he was assigned to the Town Communications portfolio, a role he loves and that he takes seriously as he believes that good governance and being transparent is key to politics. He also loves finding the best ways to communicate the various issues so that everyone can understand them. He is a dedicated team member who always works in the best interest of those he represents in rural and urban sectors of the Town.

Lee is also a great advocate for our lake. This is our jewel and we must do everything to protect it and preserve it. According to this former lake patroller and current boating enthusiast, it is important that everyone can continue to be able to enjoy it. We have to align our priorities to make sure to keep our lake quality within acceptable parameters at all times. Other projects that he feels strongly about are the Town hall renovations, the move of the public market from Maple Street to the downtown core, the completion of major road repairs, as well as water and sewer infrastructures that need some work.

What impresses him the most is how much his fellow citizens care about the town and how involved they are at organizing social activities, either on committees related to recreational activities or the environment. He also salutes the work of the business owners who participate in the Coeur Villageois initiative that will shape the future of downtown Knowlton. He also has a special place in his heart for all the dedicated individuals who volunteer a lot of their time and energy as part-time firemen and first responders.

If you need help with anything that is good for our Town, Lee Patterson is definitely someone to talk to. He takes to heart his job of serving the community.