Pierre Laplante

When I decided to move here to raise my family 30 years ago, I had already been a TBL employee for twelve years. I retired in summer 2017 after 42 years of service for TBL and these formative years definitely prepared me to meet my new challenges as a municipal councillor.

During my career I have been involved in everything from being a police officer to an inspector to completing the position of Director of Fire and Public Safety. As I love my community, it was out of the question for me to stop completely. I am pleased to represent the citizens of East Hill and to be their voice regarding important issues like high-speed Internet accessibility. In addition, as I have a lot of experience in police service issues, I will continue to follow them closely to help improve the services we offer and the police presence on our territory.

I am entrusted with the mandate of Recreation and Community Services, and I am also planning to invest in the revitalization of the site of the former municipal garage and Coldbrook Park in order to create strong community gathering places for our residents and visitors.

The constant improvement of recreational facilities is one of our priorities. To this end, the construction of the Trestle Cove bridges will complete the development of the walking path from Foster to Knowlton. I also intend to do everything I can to ensure that TBL receives the “Age-Friendly Municipality” (AFC) designation, as it is important to a lot of our residents.

Thank you for your trust. I will do my best to listen to your concerns and make myself available to help you at community events.