Mayor | Richard Burcombe

Dear residents and visitors,

Town of Brome Lake (TBL) has everything you can dream of: a beautiful lake, bucolic rural areas and a village nestled between mountains and rolling hills, making it a nature lovers paradise! It is also a wonderful place to live, to retire and to raise a family. This town has been close to my heart since I moved here in 1964 and also to my wife who was born and raised here. As the mayor, I take great pride in the work I do everyday. My goal is to make sure all residents of TBL feel welcome and free to express themselves on matters important to them. I believe that we have to work together in harmony to continue to improve our quality of life everyday. That’s why we now hold the “Meet the Citizens Day” every year. It is a great opportunity for you to come and talk to us about your concerns so we can work on finding solutions and see how we can bring your ideas to life. In addition, we are closer to residents than ever with the addition of TBL Bulletin, the newsletter and this website. These are great communication tools that keep you up-to-date with the town’s latest projects and developments. I believe that an informed citizen is a better citizen, an opinion I share with my fellow town councillors and employees of TBL.

Town of Brome Lake is an incredible place with a great spirit and wonderful individuals from various backgrounds. I am proud to say that as one of the rare town in Quebec with an almost equal mix of English and French speaking residents, plus a mix of young families and retirees, we set a good example that it is possible to thrive while living in harmony.

Town of Brome Lake is now at a turning point in its history and is ready to embrace the future. This year, we joined Coeur Villageois, a network of selected municipalities of the Eastern Townships that have strong roots in their community. It will include a revitalization of the downtown area in the next years, including our dam and beautiful pond, a great project that will benefit both visitors and residents. We are also completing a network of trails that can be used all year-round. The completed Coldbrook trail leading to Douglass Beach is already well frequented by walkers, cross-country skiers and cyclists on a daily basis. With the construction of the Quilliams bridge and the future construction of Trestle Cove bridge it will make the town a popular destination for all nature lovers in addition to giving our residents even more reasons to stay active! These are part of the Strategic Plan 2015-2020, which also includes the protection of the lake, a high priority as much for Council as it is to TBL employees and residents.

Town of Brome Lake is much more than a touristic destination, it is also a great place to have or start a business or set office for the increasing number of the new economy workers that can work from anywhere they want, as we are close to Montreal and other big cities. In that optic, the municipality is working at improving the Internet network for all residents. We know that outside our urban areas the network is not perfect yet, but we are working on a solution to provide better access to all.

My door is always open to you if you need to talk to me: make an appointment or drop-by. If I am free, you can make sure that I will take the time to listen to you. Town of Brome Lake welcomes you for a day, a weekend or for life! Make yourself at home!


Richard Burcombe