Ronald Myles

My working career started in working for Northern Electric, making telephone cables. From there I joined the RCMP where I was assigned to the Security Service (which eventually became the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, CSIS), investigating the threats to national security posed by various terrorist groups as well as espionage from foreign Governments. I retired from this work in 1997 and created my own private investigation company which I ran until 2008.

In 2000, my wife and I purchased a beautiful piece of land in West Brome and in 2008 we built our dream home.

I have always been very active in my community.  While serving in New Brunswick, I was a Scout leader.  When I returned to Montreal, I became an accredited intercity hockey and soccer coach. When we moved to West Brome I decided to enter into Municipal politics. I ran for election and was granted the responsibility of seeing to the needs of my District by the people of West Brome and Iron Hill and to represent them in the Town Council. This is an important role to me and I continue to serve proudly on the Council.

I was given the Public Works, Roads and Sidewalks portfolio.  My vision here is to have a rational approach and find permanent solutions to any problem. Temporary solutions are too costly. I believe that by co-ordinating our efforts and actions required with Provincial Government grants minimizes the tax burden on our population.

I am particularly proud of the progress we have made at the Roads department. We have modernized our equipment, hired professional road people and created a long term plan to continuously improve the state of our roads.

Other responsibilities I have include the Human Resources portfolio and the Office municipal d’habitation de Ville de Lac Brome, insuring that there is adequate affordable housing for our less fortunate citizens.

I am pleased to see that the skills I developed over the years can now be put to good use in my chosen community. We have a great Mayor and Council that works very hard for the benefit and well-being of our Town. Our municipality workers are a dedicated bunch and help make Town of Brome Lake a great place to live. It is a real pleasure to serve in the place I now call home.