Economic Development

The Town of Brome Lake is proud to announce a series of new measures to stimulate economic vitality and tourism development in its territory. Here is a short summary. For more details, consult the complete by-law.

Facade Renovation Assistance Program

This financial assistance program aims to encourage owners of non-residential buildings to carry out renovations on the facade of buildings. The objective is to stimulate economic vitality and revitalize neighbourhoods. The work must necessarily make the facade of buildings more attractive.

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Assistance Program to Operate a New Business in the Private Sector in Agro-Food or Restaurants

This program is intended for any person submitting a project to operate or set up a new business in the private sector in the agro-food or restaurant industry, other than a residence, located in its village core (coeur villageois) of which they are the owner or rent.

Financial aid for the operation of a new business in the private sector in the agro-food or restaurant industry helps compensate the costs of marketing development tools to advertise the business and promote the Town. (Ex: marketing plan, advertising, social media strategy).

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Tax Credit Program for Industrial Buildings, Private Sector Enterprises and Cooperatives

This assistance program aims to provide a tax credit, for any increase in the value of industrial and qualifying private sector service enterprise buildings. In order to benefit, these companies must invest through new constructions, expansions or modernizations.

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