Online Registration with AMILIA

To register online with AMILIA, click on the blue ¨Register Online” button displayed on the right-hand side of your screen (above the Contact Us section).

You will then be transferred to AMILIA’s homepage.

Choose your session (for example, Winter 2018).

Scroll down and choose your type of class (fitness or other).

Click the box beside the title to select your class.  You will now be asked to open a user account with AMILIA ( or you will be asked to log in if you already have an account), and to identify which user is taking the class (for example, is it you, your spouse or your child).

Once all the classes are selected, you can add them to your Shopping Cart and Checkout.

Now there are 3 steps left:

  1. Update your contact information and medical questionnaire, if necessary
  2. Pay: Online payment is by credit card only.  You can choose the option to pay off-line, in which case you can pay in cash, by credit or debit card or by cheque made out to Lac-Brome Recreation and Community Services, before the class is scheduled to begin.  Please note that your registration is not confirmed until you have paid.
  3. Confirm your registration: Your registration is complete once you have received a receipt of payment by email.  You will find important information about your class on the receipt, including the schedule, location, and any equipment needed. If the class has to be cancelled for any reason, we will contact you. If you do not hear from us, you may assume that the class is going ahead as planned.


General Information About Registration

  • Please bring piece of identification with photo and proof of residence with you when you register (municipal tax or Hydro bill)
  • Children are considered to be residents of Town of Brome Lake according to the place of residence of their parent(s), grandparent(s) or legal guardian(s)
  • Please pay in cash or by cheque when you register
  • Taxes are included in all fees for activities for adults. There are no taxes on children’s activities.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. For some programs, late fees will apply once the registration period has ended.
  • No refunds will be issued once an activity has started, unless you have to withdraw from a program for medical reasons.
Family Rates
For Residents of Town of Brome Lake Please call us for details of our Family Discounts.
Tax Credits
For Children’s Activities The cost of some of our activities for children may be eligible for deductions on your family’s income taxes.  Please save your receipt from registration to include with your tax return.  If you misplace your receipt, please call us so we can send you a replacement. Please consult the websites of the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec for more information.
Town of Brome Lake uses money from property taxes to subsidize the cost of recreational activities and programs for its residents. The prices listed in our publicity include this subsidy already. Costs for non-residents, whose taxes do not already contribute to the cost of activities, are as follows :

  • Soccer Lac-Brome: resident fee x 2
  • Day Camps: + $ 50 additional fee
Access to programs and facilities offered by neighbouring municipalities for residents of Town of Brome Lake

 Access to programs and facilities offered by Town of Brome Lake for residents of neighbouring municipalities: