Research shows that exercising outdoors not only increases your physical fitness, but has a significant positive impact on mental health.

Our outdoor gym was designed for healthy older adults, but is easily adapted to suit a range of ages and fitness levels. 

Outdoor Gym

Lifetrails Outdoor Gym in Lions’ Park

Each piece of equipment is designed to work on a different muscle group or skill, and there are instructions provided on the panels.  You can make the exercises easier or harder, depending on what kind of a challenge you are looking for!  Combine the Lifetrails gym with our walking program for a highly effective outdoor workout.

Please note that the gym is not accessible in the snow.

Walking Fitness Program

Ten-week, Self-directed Walking Program

Fitness through walking – perfect for individuals or groups.  Your dog will love it!

Download Weeks 1-2

Download Weeks 3-4

Download Weeks 5-6

Download Weeks 7-8

Download Weeks 9-10