The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

We are committed to preserve and protect the environment


The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) has a crucial role to play in protecting the environment on the Brome Lake territory.

 In its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the Town has identified the protection of the environment and Brome Lake as one of five major development issues. The EAC has been mandated by the Town to analyze environmental applications, as well as the quality of the environment and its protection. The EAC then gives its opinion and submits its recommendations to ensure the preservation of the lake and nature for future generations.


List of members

Name Title Function
Lucy Gagnon Municipal Councillor Member
Hélène Lapointe Citizen Representative
Pierre Morin Citizen Representative
François Paré Citizen Representative
Myriam Clavey Citizen Representative
Donald O’Hara Citizen Representative
Alan Eastley Citizen Representative
Urban Planning and Environmental Inspector   Secretary



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Procès-verbal 17 septembre 2018

Procès-verbal 20 août 2018

Procès-verbal 23 juillet 2018

Procès-verbal 18 juin 2018

Procès-verbal 22 mai 2018

Procès-verbal 23 avril 2018

Procès-verbal 20 mars 2018

Procès-verbal 19 février 2018

Procès-verbal 22 janvier 2018