The Urban Planning Advisory Committee (UAC)

A concern for the harmonious development of our environment


The Urban Planning Advisory Committee (UAC) plays a crucial role in planning and administering municipal land, although it has no decision-making power. The municipality consults for advice and recommendations on best practices in town planning, zoning, subdivision and construction. It also has an educational role to bring citizens closer to the issues and challenges associated with these activities. It is made up mostly of citizens representing all the municipalities of Town of Brome Lake, agricultural and business communities.

Urban Planning Advisory Committee (# 612) French only

List of members

Name Title Function
David Taveroff
Municipal Councillor Président
Roger Hébert Citizen area Fulford – Bondville Representative
Lyla Wilson Citizen Sector West-Brome – Iron-Hill Representative
David Kininmonth Citizen Sector East-Hill Representative
Richard Drouin Citizen sector Knowlton – Victoria Representative
Jan Franssen Citizen sector Knowlton – Lakeside Representative
Lorraine Carrière Citizen Sector Foster Representative
Steven Beerwort Citizen Farmer Representative
Kevin Barnes Citizen Business Representative
Justin Sultana Town Inspector Secretary



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