Office of the Director General

The office of the Director General plans, organizes, directs and controls the administrative activities of the municipality. It is the link between the citizens and the various departments of the municipality as well as with the municipal Council. It oversees the implementation of the Council’s orientations. It is actively working at developing a corporate culture based on efficiency, transparency, integrity and loyalty. Its director is also the head of all employees working for Town of Brome Lake.


Word of the Director General

Director General (DG) of Town Brome Lake (TBL) officially since January 2014, I first joined the administration as Treasurer in November 2010. My main role as DG is to act as the link between politics and the Town administration. It is essential that the DG and his Mayor have a harmonious relationship as they work closely together on a day-to-day basis.

To effectively run a municipality, no matter how large it is, you need a plan. This is why we now have a plan, our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, to help bring to life the vision of the elected officials. It guides us in all our actions and we measure its progress with the Steering Committee as well as with the members of the Municipal Council.

As Director General, it is also important to me that all TBL citizens be treated with the same consideration, regardless of where they live in Town of Brome Lake. The principle of fairness guides me in my actions and those of our Mayor. My team and I make it a duty and an honor to offer first-class customer service to all and ensure that we treat everyone with respect and consideration.

As I believe in the power of the group, I invite you to help us make Brome Lake a town full of resources, a welcoming place for tourists and a great place to live.


Gilbert Arel, CPA, CA
Director General