Public works, services that have a direct impact on your daily life

The Public Works Department is probably one of the departments that has the most direct impact on the daily life Town of Brome Lake residents. Workers in this department play an essential role in ensuring that the Town’s infrastructure is safe and in good condition. Among their tasks:

  • Collect residual and recyclable materials;
  • Treat the water for drinking;
  • Snow clearing on almost all streets, roads and sidewalks on TBL territory (Some roads are under the jurisdiction of the Quebec Ministry of Transportation);
  • Maintain and repair the Town’s infrastructure including roads, water, sanitary and storm sewers, public lighting, public spaces, parks and buildings;
  • Maintain green spaces and horticultural developments.

 To find out what work will be done in your area or on the territory of Town of Brome Lake, see INFO-EXCAVATION


Robert Daniel
Director of Public Works and Technical services