The Land and Environment Management Service, for a harmonious and sustainable development of Town of Brome Lake

The Land and Environmental Management Service manages the implementation of programs that promote the quality of life and economic development of the town. It also ensures an harmonious development of the territory that takes into account and preserves our Nature, an ally benefits the whole community and that helps us with essential ecological services. Through its urban plan that guides its actions, the   Land and Environmental Management Service :

Activity area Role
Regulations and urban planning and management policies

Proposes policies, programs and regulations in accordance with City Council guidelines and the needs of citizens.

Ensures compliance with municipal regulations for projects submitted by our citizens.

Ensures that urban planning regulations are applied to maintain the quality of life of citizens.

Construction and renovation projects


Analysis of planning applications, including applications for minor exemptions.

Analyzes projects submitted to the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) to ensure that the territory remains harmonious.

Designs development and analysis projects submitted by promoters.

Provides judicious advice and assistance to citizens when designing and implementing projects.

Permits and certificates Issues permits and certificates of construction and renovation by verifying that applications comply with the regulations in force.
Sustainable development and environmental concerns

Enables sustainable development that takes care of the environment for future generations.

Proposed protective measures for the natural environments of our territory, since the lake, the numerous rivers, the wetlands, the woodlands, the natural environments and the parks are precious attractions. Citizens are the primary beneficiaries of this exceptional environment.

Helps citizens to preserve and promote the flourishing of our natural resources and natural environment.


Owen Falquero
Acting Director of Land and Environmental Management