Published on: March 23, 2020

COVID-19 | March 23 Update

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COVID-19: parks and public spaces now closed to the public

Brome Lake, March 23, 2020 — Given the recent measures communicated by the Quebec government, the Town of Brome Lake announces the closure of all its parks and public spaces for an indefinite period of time. This measure takes effect immediately and aims to reinforce the ban on gatherings. 

As a result, the eight green spaces on the territory, in addition to the dog park, the parking lots at Douglass Beach and Tiffany Beach, as well as the parking lot on Argyll Road, will be inaccessible. It should be noted, however, that the trails remain fully open. 

The announcement also affects all the infrastructures and playgrounds, including the skate park.

As a preventive measure, the Town is also asking people not to venture out onto the lake, to avoid the need for an intervention and the mobilization of public security teams. 

“With the issues we are currently facing, we want to preserve the energy of our firefighters and first responders,” said Brome Lake Mayor Richard Burcombe. “A very large part of their work is related to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. I ask everyone to show good faith and avoid circulating on Brome Lake’s frozen surfaces.”

Various methods will be deployed at the above mentioned sites over the next few hours to block access. 

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