Published on: July 8, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Expected Brown Water Episodes

The Town of Brome Lake advises its citizens that following the installation of temporary water pipes for the residents of Victoria Street, some households could see episodes of brown water appear throughout the Town on Sunday and Monday.

As a reminder, here are some guidelines:

– Although it is not recommended to drink it, brown water is not a health hazard.

– If the water is colored, turn on all cold water taps to maximum capacity and let run for about 30 minutes, or until it is clear again.

– Avoid using hot water, as the water in your tank will become colored. In this case, you will have to purge the hot water.

– Avoid starting a load of laundry without checking water colour or Town notices for planned operations. Otherwise, specialized stain removers are available from hardware stores in case of stained laundry.  

The Town of Brome Lake would like to apologize for any inconvenience and thank its citizens for their patience.

For information: Public Works 450 243-6111 ext. 321

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