Published on: June 6, 2019

Photos and Videos – Impressive Accident Simulation at the Brome Fair Grounds

More than 100 firemen and First Responders from the Towns of Sutton and Brome Lake participated in a simulation on the Brome Fair grounds on June 5.

The exercise was even more realistic for the emergency services crews as about 20 local residents volunteered as victims. Multiple vehicles were involved in the fake crash scene, including a school bus that was tipped on its side.

Fire Chief Don Mireault was pleased with the outcome of the training exercise: “It was great to see all the cooperation from everyone involved. We hope to never have to intervene in real life with a situation as depicted tonight, but the crews are better prepared if ever we have to handle such a scenario.

The simulation also included the use of passenger vehicles to simulate traffic and also bystanders that had to be escorted to a safe location, as if the incident was real.

All the parties involved are already working on the next collaborative training exercise.

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