Published on: June 21, 2019

Press Release – The Brome Lake Splash Pad is all set for summer fun!

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Brome Lake, June 21, 2019 — As summer officially begins, the Town of Brome Lake is proud to announce the opening of its brand new splash pad in Lions Park! Kids and adults can now cool down when the mercury goes up.

A dozen nozzles sit on the concrete slab in the shape of a huge wave. Apart from the ground jets, various multicoloured structures fill the space of the interactive area for children. Far from the active zone and separated by the Discovery Creek, adults and seniors will find the ideal intergenerational zone to take a break, watch the action and above all, refresh their feet. The bench in this section will be accessible in early July.

Located behind the Centre Lac-Brome, the new structure blends in perfectly with its recreational environment. The water games can be activated manually every day between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. until October. “It is a great addition to the activities offered to our population while responding to a real necessity during summer days and periods of extreme heat. We are proud of the result, it will be great to spend time there. Now the invitation is open to everyone,” says Cynthia Brunelle, Director of Recreation, Tourism, Culture and Community Life at the Town of Brome Lake.

The development of this facility is made possible by a significant financial contribution from the Carke Foundation. “We are pleased to contribute to the well-being of our fellow citizens of all ages with the launch of this new activity,” says Cynthia Wilkinson, President of the Carke Foundation.

The splash pad was inaugurated on Friday in the presence of Mayor Richard Burcombe, Councillor Pierre Laplante, responsible for Recreation and Community Services, and members of the Carke Foundation.

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In the photo, from left: Cynthia Brunelle, Director of Recreation, Tourism, Culture and Community Life, Richard Burcombe, Mayor of Brome Lake, Cynthia Wilkinson, President of the Carke Foundation, Pierre Laplante, Councillor for the Town of Brome Lake, Claire Kerrigan, Donald Gray Donald, Elizabeth Dupéré and David Kininmonth, all from the Carke Foundation.

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