Published on: April 1, 2019

Press release – The Town of Brome Lake council’s position on the Inverness Golf course closing

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The elected representatives of the Town of Brome Lake are sensitive to the concerns and issues raised by residents of the Inverness Golf Club, which is closing its doors after 28 years of operation. Although some measures are being put forward, the Town does not intend to multiply its interventions in this area.

The zoning of the site allows, for example, the presence of a golf course or single-family homes. In order to be able to develop the land, a promoter would have to go through a rigorous process of permits and evaluations.

Some residents who live on or near the golf course are concerned about what a future development would do to their existing views and quality of life. They have asked the town to immediately change the zoning of the Inverness Golf course to oblige the owner to only operate as a golf course or to limit residential construction. Another request that was made was that the town purchase the site as a park or recreational facility.

Having taken these proposals into account, however, the Council finds these requests unreasonable. It is not in the Town’s plans to become the owner of the site to manage golf activities or to convert it into a park.

“Town of Brome Lake Council is aware of the concerns of the residents of the area, says the Mayor, Richard Burcombe. I have met on several occasions with the group, as well as with the owner of the site. For us, however, there is no sense of urgency, since to date, no project of any kind is on the table.”

“Our current regulations give us full control over future development, says Mayor Burcombe. All parties involved continue to look for a win-win scenario. We must all continue to work positively to find the anchor between residential development and the willingness of those who have chosen to settle in this sector.”

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