Published on: April 4, 2019

Press release – Town of Brome Lake changes the way its public notices are published

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Brome Lake, April 4, 2019 — The Town of Brome Lake is reviewing the tools used to inform its residents. These changes will affect, for example, the way information contained in public notices is transmitted, since the law no longer requires them to be found in the pages of a newspaper published in the territory.

This measure is made possible by the adoption of Bill 122, which grants greater autonomy and powers to Quebec cities. Starting this spring, the Town of Brome Lake will gradually reduce its publications in the region’s newspapers, while reserving the right to use them on certain occasions.

Instead, residents are asked to visit the Town’s website (, where there is a section dedicated entirely to public notices. They are also posted at the Town Hall.

“Citizens stay informed in new ways and we must adapt accordingly, said Richard Burcombe, Mayor of Brome Lake. Town of Brome Lake will continue to support and purchase advertising in local print media publications. The use of this medium will, however, be for more specific publications or notices.”

This new approach will result in substantial savings of a minimum of $25,000 based on expenses generated in 2018. The Council adopted these changes at the April 1st meeting.

In order to support the citizen in this change, a transition period will be set up in the coming weeks. This will lead to the publication of ads in newspapers urging residents to consult the Town’ s website.

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