Published on: June 5, 2019

Raise Awareness of Art and Culture for Young Kids: Performances and Workshops for Everyone!

The Town of Brome Lake, along with six other municipalities in Brome-Missisquoi and some 30 partners, is organizing a week of events to raise awareness of art and culture for young kids. All the performances, workshops and presentations are part of the J’inviterai l’enfance (I’ll invite in my young heart) project. See below for four activities open to the general public free of charge. Places are limited, reservation required. Activities in French only.

Des lettres au son workshop
Parents and newborns, before walking

Parents, accompanied by their newborns, are guided through a vocal warm-up in relation to their little one. On their backs, on all fours and in movement, they cross vowels and consonants and then read a children’s book and transform it into a choir sometimes as a lullaby, sometimes as a rhythmic rhyme.

Saturday, June 15 at 9:30 am Centre culturel St-John, Bromont. To register:

Saturday, June 15 at 10:30 am Centre culturel St-John, Bromont. To register:

Atelier Petites bouchées de cirque
2 to 5 years

Come and enjoy an experience with your little one, not just see it! You will become a hand to hand carrier for your little acrobat, tandem acrobat in a challenging course and assistant trapeze coach to successfully guide your child in suspended movements. Comfortable clothing, no skirts or shoes required.

Saturday, June 15th at 1pm Centre culturel St-John, Bromont. To register:

Amarelinha Show
From 4 years old

Amarelinha is an outdoor show built around a hopscotch, from the EARTH to the SKY, where we follow the journey of five local children, through their games and challenges, their big questions, their passions and their dramas. It is a window into a daily life that resembles us, in our surroundings.

Wednesday, June 18 at 6 p.m., in the parking lot of CPE Les Tisserands, 118 Laurier Street, Cowansville. Bring your chairs! Cancelled in case of rain. To register:

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