Published on: July 31, 2020

Three Meetings Held In Public on August 3rd

The next Town Council meeting is set for Monday, August 3rd, 7 P.M. at Centre Lac-Brome. In order to follow the health directives in place, notably social distancing, a maximum of 30 people (excluding elected members and staff) will be able to attend in the council chamber.
In addition, the meeting of the Demolition Committee will also leave Zoom and return to a public meeting starting 6:30 P.M., also at Centre Lac-Brome.
There will also be a public consultation meeting concerning the SCAOPI for the Art de Vivre housing project. This meeting will also be August 3rd, 6 P.M. The consultation concerns a request to adjust the roof angles permitted for houses in the project, as well as the addition of two new permitted house styles.
From now until 3 P.M. on Monday, August 3rd, you may register your intention to attend these meetings by contacting Town Hall at 450-243-6111. After that, attendance will be on a first come, first served basis until the maximum number of places is reached.
As is the case for all public buildings, the wearing of a mask is obligatory.
Citizens may submit questions or comments in advance. They must be sent to the Town Clerk, Me Owen Falquero, by e-mail at by latest 3 P.M. on August 3rd. Answers will appear in the minutes of the meetings.

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