Published on: October 11, 2019

Trestle Cove Footbridges Installation

We know the date of the installation of the footbridges at Trestle Cove, if the weather cooperates! It is the…. (drum roll)… Thursday October 17 and Friday October 18! Delivery of the footbridges will take place on October 15. It will be stored at Douglass Beach.

Here is some precautions to ensure the safety of all:

Given the complexity of the task, which involves helicopter transport, it will not be possible to watch the installation of the footbridges from the trail.

The portion of the trail between the beach and Trestle Cove will be completely closed on October 17 and 18. Access to the other section from Argyll Road will be limited.

A nautical patrol will mark a safe perimeter for those who will be on the lake.

Douglass Beach (including parking) will not be accessible during the work.

To capture this long-awaited moment of anthology, the Town hired a film production company to create a short documentary.

The installation of the footbridges could be postponed to the following week in case of bad weather.

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