Published on: September 26, 2019

UPDATE – Water System Rinsing

Friday (September 27): In Knowlton, only the area delimited by Moffat, Tuxen and Hasting streets is left, as well as the area of Jolibourg Street. They will be completed in the morning.

The work will then move to Centre Road and Bondville Street. Episodes of brown water are to be expected in the Bondville sector.

Next week: the work will be done in the Bondville sector between Monday and Wednesday. The presence of brown water is to be expected, as well as a decrease in water flow.

Following the rinsing activities, the Town of Brome Lake will inspect all of the Town’s fire hydrants (approximately 200) for about ten days. Handling these could still cause brown water, but in a more moderate way since the water pipes will have been rinsed beforehand.

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