Published on: November 4, 2019

November 1st Storm / Situation report on Monday, November 4th at 2:30 pm

Power outages
According to the last update by Hydro-Québec, 648 homes were still without power in the Brome Lake area. We are told that Hydro-Québec wants to re-connect 50% of these outages by midnight tonight, while the remaining half of the homes should be reconnected tomorrow (Tuesday). More than 300 Hydro-Québec vehicles are currently being deployed in Brome-Missisquoi.

Temporary accommodation measure
Affected residents have access to the Centre Lac-Brome (270 Victoria Street) until 9 p.m. to stay warm, charge small electronic devices, access the WIFI, take a shower (bring your personal belongings) and a have a coffee.

Road network
All roads and streets are now accessible, with the exceptions of Fulford Road, which remains closed for an indefinite period between Papineau and Brome. Byers Road has just re-opened.

In the field
Our first responders are starting a preventive door-to-door tour in areas still struggling with power outages. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ANSWER THE DOOR if you are still at home, in part because it is important to know if you are safe. In the meantime, our teams continue to monitor the condition of roads and waterways.

Walking trails
The trails have not yet been inspected. If you venture there, be very careful, as some parts may have been weakened by the storm, including trees along the trails.

Do you have something to report? Call 450 243-6111.

Please share this message with your family and neighbours, as well as anyone who may be in a vulnerable situation.

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