How to feed your brown bin!

The pick-up of compostable materials will begin the week of January 14 in Brome Lake.

Check out the complete pick-up schedule.

To identify your sector:

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What can you put in your brown bin?

Any form of food, whether it’s fresh, expired, raw or cooked, can be placed in your brown bin, as can paper or cardboard that may have been used in a food context, regardless of whether it is soiled or not. This is the case, for example, with pizza boxes.

Animal litter and excrement can also be placed in bulk or in paper bags, but not in plastic bags, even if they are compostable.

View the complete list of accepted and rejected materials or the practical guide on organic material collection.

Some winter advices

Cold temperatures can cause the content to freeze at the bottom of the bin, making it difficult for normal pickup. Here are some tips to avoid such a situation:  

• Avoid putting liquid residues in your brown bin;
• Wrap your residues in newspaper or a paper bag;
• You can freeze your food before placing it in your brown bin;
• Line the bottom of your brown bin with several layers of crumpled newspaper or pieces of cardboard to absorb moisture and avoid compost freezing to the bin.

Here are some handy tips

• Download the Ça va où mobile app from Recyc-Québec, available in the App Store and on Google Play.
• Consult the Tricks and Tips section on the Brome-Missisquoi MRC website.
• Want to make your own newspaper liners for your organic bin?

• Check out the twist wrap trick to reduce odours.