The Town of Brome Lake is initiating a project with the non-profit organization Institut des territoires. The purpose of this planning exercise is to create a simple and accessible reference document and to develop a concrete action plan to justify investment priorities for parks and trails in the coming years.


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The survey takes about 5 minutes. The second part of the survey is optional and requires about 10 additional minutes.

Please answer before July 15, 2019, so that your information can be compiled.




May to July 2019

Collection of informations on the current condition of the network and complete diagnosis of the offer and needs in terms of parks, equipment and trails.


From June 7 to July 15, 2019

Online survey
Identification of the current and future needs of the population in terms of parks, green spaces, equipment and trails.


August 2019

Identification of the services, deficiencies and opportunities in terms of recreational territory.


End of August 2019

Action Plan
Preparation of the action plan including a development vision and guidelines.


September 2019

Governance policy
Development of a guide to standards and good practices for the maintenance and development of recreational areas.


Fall 2019

Adoption of the Parks and Trails Master Plan by Town Council.