The Brome lake

This majestic lake attracts outdoor enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. In the summer, it lends itself to the joys of swimming, pedal boating, sailing and paddle boards (SUP). It is also the happiness of the fishermen winter and summer and that of lovers of nature in all seasons with its marshes and ecological zones.

Protecting the health of Brome lake, one of the gift we can make to future generations

The worst enemy of the lake, phosphorus

One of the worst enemies of the lake is the phosphorus which is discharged into the lake by its tributaries, especially in the spring. This is responsible for the premature aging of the lake which is also called eutrophication. ¨There is a tendency for phosphorus to accumulate at the bottom of the lake in sediments and some motor boats and sports such as wakeboard tend to stir its sediments and cause the phosphorus to rise to the surface thus accelerating its aging. So we have to ensure that we have a good framework for our activities and all those that can accelerate the degradation of the lake so that we can enjoy it for a very long time.

Protection shoreline vegetation band that buffers Brome lake against erosion

We must also protect shoreline vegetation band against erosion by renaturalizing them. With this in mind, the city mapped the shorelines of Brome lake in 2016 and launched an accompanying program offering concrete solutions for shoreline renaturalization. A program of distribution of shrubs to revegetate the shoreline vegetation band of lakes and streams is also available to residents every year.

Guide to best practices for protecting Brome lake

Renaissance Brome lake (RBL), the citizens’ organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of Brome lake and its watershed, has released a small guide to best practices to help keep our lake healthy for future generations. The health of Brome lake is the concern of all citizens, not just those living on the lake or streams flowing into the lake.  

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