Requests and Claims

3 ways to communicate with us to indicate a non-urgent problem : by Internet, by mail, by telephone or via a mobile application:

  • Service of request (online form or by the phone)
  • E-mail (message by electronic mail)
  • Notice of complaint for physical, material or moral damages (online form)


You are a resident of Brome Lake and you want to inform us or lodge a complaint about a subject that falls under municipal jurisdiction or about one of our services like the public road network, the town planning, the lighting, the drinking water, the sewers, the parks and the playing fields or the green spaces? You can do it online by using the Citizen request form or by calling for (450) 243-611. Please note that it is possible to add photos or other documents which you consider relevant, but only for online request.




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Notice of claim

This form is made available to you with the sole aim of helping you formulate your claim to the Town’s Clerk. In so doing the Town accepts no liability for claimed damages or any obligation whatsoever to pay them.
For any question concerning a notice of infraction you have received, directly contact the Waterloo municipal court at:

Cour municipale de Waterloo
417, de la Cour bureau 210
Waterloo, QC J0E 2N0
Telephone: (450) 539-2282
Fax : (450) 539-2801

Warning: Town of Brome Lake informs you that the information provided by this online form is not protected by a security protocol; such information is therefore neither protected nor encrypted during transmission. Town of Brome Lake can not be held liable for any damage resulting from the interception, loss or modification of this form.

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  • Has veichle been repaired (yes or no), Make, Model, Year, Color, Registration N°.
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The citizen who has a complaint to be transmitted in the Town of Brome Lake has to respect the conditions described below, according to the type of damage whom he underwent (physical, material or moral).

Procedure of complaint and pursuit


It is recommended to transmit a written demand (formal demand) as soon as possible to the Clerk’s Office.

If you wish to institute a pursuit for physical injury against the Town, you have until three ( 3 ) years to do so upon the event which caused the damage. After this deadline, your demand will be unacceptable.


A written demand (formal demand) must be sent in the service of the Clerk’s Office, at the latest fifteen (15) days after the date of the event which caused the damage. If not, the Town will not have to indemnify you.

Fifteen days after the sending of your formal demand, you can, if you wish, institute a pursuit for property or moral damage against the Town. You have at the latest until six (6) months further to the event which caused your damage to institute this pursuit. After this deadline, your demand will be unacceptable.

For any additional piece of information, we invite you to communicate with us to the following phone number: (450) 243-6111.



You have another type of demand, contact us.