Domestic animals on Brome Lake territory

Any owner or guardian of a pet in Brome Lake must conform to By-law 614 on animal control, including the wearing of a mandatory medal.

The organization mandated to apply the regulations to the territory is:

S.P.A. des Cantons
409 Rivière Road in Cowansville (Quebec)
Telephone : (450) 263-1117
Web site :





Number of pets allowed

  • Five (5) animals in total by apartment or house in urban zones, for a maximum of two (2) dogs and three (3) cats. This limit of five animals does not apply to fishes or birds in a cage.
  • If your dog or cat has a litter, you have the right to keep puppies or kittens during a period of three months after their birth. This is an exception to the
  • In a rural environment, kennels (4 adult dogs or more) can be allowed under strict conditions.

The license is mandatory for all dogs on the territory

Mandatory : All the dogs of more than three months residing on the territory of Brome Lake have to wear their medal with their registration number at all time. The owner has to pay a fee of $10/year or $50 valid for the entire life of the dog. The license is for sale at Town hall of Brome Lake.

Exceptions : The Town medal is not mandatory for dogs that you are boarding in a kennel, an animal hospital, a veterinary clinic or an animal rescue facility.

ABC of a well-behaved dog or cat

 What is allowed :

  • Walk with your dog on leash in streets, paths, parks and squares that allow domestic animals. Check signs in parks to see if your dog is welcome.
  • Leave your pet without a leash on your enclosed ground, if you live in an urban zone, but by making sure that he does not bark in an excessive way.

What is not allowed :

  • Any pet who barks, mews, roars, bites or disturbs the peace and safety of one or more persons.
  • The presence of a pet on any public or private ground without the consent of the owner or the occupant of the ground.
  • The presence of a dog not kept on a leash outside a building or outside an enclosed ground or in public places.
  • Any pet who destroys, damages, relieves himself on a private property other than the one of his guardian.
  • To molest, harass, provoke or handle any animal with cruelty.
  • To keep or to raise wild animals, tamed or not.
  • To breed pets, somewhere else than on farms or an approved facility.
  • Wear on yourself or be accompanied by a reptile in a public place.

Strays dogs

If a dog is found wandering, it will be caught by the organization mandated by the Town, which is the S.P.A. des Cantons. If your animal wears his medal and if the address and phone number of his owner or guardian are up to date, this one will be informed. He can get back his animal after having paid custodian fees according to the current contract.

You lost your dog or your cat in Brome Lake ?

If you lose your pet on the territory of Brome Lake, here is some thought to help you to find him :

  • Contact the S.P.A. des Cantons at (450) 263-1117 with the animal license number.
  • Place posters in various places of the village like the grocery store, the hardware store, the veterinary clinics, the groomers, the pharmacy. On your poster, include a picture and a description of your animal, where he was lost, and, in the case he is found, who to contact with a valid phone number.
  • Inform your neighbours and leave a bowl of food and some water outside your house.
  • You can also announce on or any other Facebook group in the region and the ones where you can report lost animals.

For more information :

Reception of Brome Lake
Telephone: (450) 243-6111