The ABC of waste management

Reducing our ecological footprint by better managing our waste

(download the calendar in PDF format).

Type of residual materials and how to dispose of them

Type of residual material What How When

Household waste

Any waste or garbage that can not be recycled

In black or green rolling bin


According to schedule.

Every two weeks from October to May and every week from June to the end of September. (See dates for your area.)

Green residues



Dead leaves, yard waste and Christmas trees


Mandatory in solid paper bags specially designed for this type of residue.

The branches should be tied securely with rope (no plastic or metal fasteners) in a 18-inch diameter by 4-foot package.

Green waste can be upgraded to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to landfills.

See calendar for special collection dates.


in one of the ecocentres of Brome-Missisquoi on the dates scheduled for this purpose in the spring and fall: Only for leaves in paper bags designed for this purpose and the Christmas trees from which the decorations will be removed.

Large scrap or “bulky items”





• Vacuum
• Radiator
• Hot water tank
• Stove, microwave
• Washer & dryer
• Furnace
• Fridge
• Freezer
• Mattress, furniture
• Carpet (rolled-up and tied)

You must place the large refuse next to your waste bin.


Exclusively at the scheduled and effective collection dates. See calendar


In one of the Brome-Missisquoi ecocentres (see opening dates and times)

Household Hazardous Waste






Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is a substance or object that may be harmful to human health and the environment. Ex: paint, dye, solvents or thinners


The product must be placed in its original container. If not, mark the type of product on the airtight container.

For a large quantity of oil, you can contact the SOGHU at
1 (877) 987-6448

This collection is reserved EXCLUSIVELY to the residents.

Greener Alternative to Landfill Centers.

In one of the ecocentres of Brome-Missisquoi (see dates and opening hours).



Electronics and Components





All electronic and computer equipment


Report exclusively electronic and computer devices, which will be disposed in an environmentally friendly way or valued if they can be reused

Greener Alternative to Landfill Centers


In one of the Brome-Missisquoi ecocentres (see opening dates and times)

Organic waste

Organic materials that can be composted or recovered


Now that the selective collection is offered, you can dispose the organic matter allowed in a 240-liter brown tank. (With the exception of green residues which are already collected on specific dates)


Paper bags for green waste, garbage and recycling bins

Paper bags for green waste: If you want to dispose of your green leftovers like leaves in the fall, make sure to use paper bags designed for this purpose.

How to position your garbage and recycling bins?

  • In the yard entrance, at the edge of a street or on a sidewalk
  • The wheels pointing towards the residence, with lid closed and no objects on the bin
  • 1 meter away from any object, especially a car, to prevent breakage
  • When there are 2 bins, place them next to each other, one meter away
  • Never place trash on the ground next to the bin: they will not be picked up, except during special collections.

Where to buy a garbage, a recycling bin?

The 240 or 360 liter rolling bins. Use a blue bin for recyclable materials and a black one for household garbage.

Bins can be purchased from:

  • Rona Inc. 601 Knowlton Road, Brome Lake (450) 246-6103
  • Barnes General Store (Home-Hardware), 250 Knowlton Road, Brome Lake (450) 243-6480