Fire prevention is everyone’s business!

The Fire Department of Town of Brome Lake is equipped and trained to respond to all types of emergencies on its territory and in the municipality of West-Bolton. Among its functions:

  • Fighting fires
  • Controlling hazardous materials spills
  • Perform rescue and rescue operations
  • Intervening in an isolated environment and during a water rescue
  • Providing assistance to citizens during floods
  • Educate the public about precautions to keep their families safe and on emergency evacuation measures in case of fire

Fire permit

Whenever you wish to make an open fire whether it is a campfire or to burn branches on your land, you MUST apply for a fire permit by completing the permit form that you can find hereAny open fire without a permit is liable to a fine.

During certain times of the year when the risk of fire is high, you may not be able to obtain a permit. To know the fire risks of your sector you can consult the official website of the SOPFEU.

: If safety index is yelloworange ou redno permit will be issued


Burning Permit Application Form

Emergency evacuation plan

It is good to prepare an evacuation plan in case of emergency or fire, especially if you have children, people with reduced mobility or pets in your home. The Public Safety Site gives you a wealth of information to help you prepare your evacuation plan for your home, including fire practices to do with the whole family. Having an evacuation plan is reassuring! In addition to the plan, to facilitate the work of firefighters, you must ensure that your civic number is visible from the public road at all times.

Stickers to warn of the presence of pets 

Town of Brome Lake, in collaboration with the SPA des Cantons, provides you with free stickers to fix to a well-visible window to indicate the presence of pets to the emergency services. In case of fire, they will do everything in their power to try to save your pets.

Residential Prevention Tour

Residential prevention visits are mandatory in the MRC of Brome-Missisquoi and aim to reduce the number of fires and their harmful consequences (see “Fire hazard coverage plan” for more information). They take place every 5 years and target all the buildings on its territory.

What to expect during your Residential Prevention visit:

  • Firefighters clearly identified with an identity card and in uniforms come to your home.
  • They check that you have a functional smoke alarm on each floor.
  • They check that you have a fire extinguisher in place
  • They check if there is a carbon monoxide detector when required. Example if your home has a propane heater.
  • They provide you with preventive advice if necessary and will answer your questions about heating, electricity, evacuation plan, frying activities and clearance of exits.
  • If you are not sure that it is an employee of the Brome Lake Fire Department, refuse to let them enter and contact the Brome Lake Fire Department.

Thanks to their work, the 9-1-1 Central Office can update its database to better respond to a fire.

Do not forget to involve your children – A plan for kids.

You can also prepare your own evacuation plan with your children with the following documents: My evacuation plan

Become a volunteer firefighter

The Fire Safety Service operates with a team of volunteer firefighters. If you would like to join this team, please contact us at (450) 243-6111 to let us know your interest.


For more information :

Don Mireault
Director of Fire and Public Safety

Marc-Antoine Fortier
Captain of Prevention