Fishing and boating

Fish Species in Brome lake

According to a 2011 report from the Renaissance Brome Lake, a citizen organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of Brome lake and its watersheds, there are 17 fish species listed in Brome lake and its watersheds, perch in large numbers, but also smallmouth bass and walleye. As with all other lakes and rivers in Quebec, fishing is regulated and you must have your fishing license and comply with the dates when fishing is permitted.

Ice Fishing on Brome lake

Fishing under the ice is a very popular activity on the lake during the cold season. Before you venture on the lake on foot or on a motorized vehicle like a 4 wheeler, make sure the ice is solid. A minimum of 5 inch of white ice is required for ice fishing in security. You can access the lake via the Douglass Beach parking lot at 213 Lakeside Road, Knowlton or rent a cabin and equipment at the Domaine des Érables located at: 688, Bondville Road, Foster, QC J0E 1R0 telephone: (450) 242-8888.

Water Quality of Brome lake and its Watersheds

Every 7 to 10 days from June to October, Renaissance Brome Lake (RBL) reports on the quality of Brome lake water that you can consult on their web page.

Boat Wash Station and New on Ondago

The station offers a cleaning service for all types of boats, including non-motorized. Located in front of the campsite Domaine des Érables, it is accessible and free of charge for everyone. This station prevents the propagation of invasive aquatic species that contribute to the imbalance of ecosystems.

A digital map of Brome lake is now available on the Ondago application. It allows to discover several indications on your navigation, such as the depth of the lake.

For more details, visit this web page.

Boat launch of small non-motorized boats

Douglass beach: It is impossible to put motorized boats at Douglass beach. However, since the summer of 2017, a ramp has been installed for small boats such as SUP, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. You can also rent kayaks during the summer. Parking at Douglass Beach is subject to a charge of $ 20 per day or $ 6 for less than 2 hours. To avoid having to pay, residents can purchase a parking stamp for 2021 at a cost of $2 at the Centre Lac-Brome or Town Hall.

Tiffany Park: There is a small craft ramp (kayaks, canoes, windsurfing) at Tiffany Park, located on Lakeside Road between Foster and Knowlton. It will cost $20 per day to park there or $6 for two hours or less (payable at the parking meter). Residents can park for free as long as they have their sticker stuck in the windshield. These are available for $2 at Town Hall and at the Centre Lac-Brome. The site also offers a picnic and rest area.

Marina Knowlton: For a fee, you can put your kayak, canoe, SUP board or sailboat in the water at the Marina during it opening hours. It is also possible to rent SUP boards through

Brome Lake Nautical Club: For sailing enthusiasts, the Brome Lake Nautical Club is a private club for the whole family that requires annual fees and where you can access the fleet of available boats. For some extra costs you can leave your own boat there, take courses and participate in regattas. There are also sailing camps for children. The Club is not open to the public.

Marina and launching ramp for launches and motor boats

Domaine des Érables
688, rue de Bondville
Lac-Brome, QC J0E 1R0
Telephone : (450) 242-8888
Fees apply.

Marina Knowlton
78, rue Benoit,
Knowlton, QC J0E 1V0
Telephone : (450) 243-5453

Members of the Marina can moor their boat at a designated berth on one of the docks for the entire season. The marina also has a boat ramp (charges apply) and a refueling station for gasoline.