Why and when do we need a permit?

Town of Brome Lake has established standards for zoning, architecture and quality of construction materials that can be used on its territory. This regulation ensures coherence and harmony in the planning and development of the different sectors of the city or rural areas. For example, in certain neighborhoods, noble materials or standards must be used in the finishing to respect the historic character of the sector.

You must contact the Land and Environmental Management Service as soon as you plan to carry out construction, renovation, change of vocation, expansion or demolition work on your property. This also includes the addition of a garage, a swimming pool, a spa or even a pond for swimming.

A member of the planning team will explain you what regulations apply to this type of project in the area where you live and which permit(s) you must obtain, as the case may be. Please note that you will be invoiced according to the nature of the work, in accordance with an established schedule.

As it takes time to analyze your file and make recommendations as required, it is therefore desirable to apply for a permit at least sixty (60) days before the proposed work begin, even before you book the labor force and the trades that will help you achieve them. It is possible that an inspector must also go to the site to make recommendations to the Planning Committee, which evaluates all such requests.

Consult the forms to find out what information you must provide with your application. Information required when applying.

Please complete the proxy form if the applicant is someone other than the owner.

List of PDF Forms :

Accessorry Buidling - Permit Request

Backfill And Excavation - Certificate Of Authorisation

Building Extension - Permit Request

Change Of Use - Certificate Of Authorization

Connection To Aqueduct And Sewer System - Request

Construction of a Pond - Certificate of Authorization FR EN

Deck Balcony - Permit Request

Deck Balcony - Permit Request

Demolition - Certificate of Authorization

Main Building - Permit Request

Minor Exemption - Request

Moving A Building - Certificate Of Authorization

Pesticides - Certificate of Authorization FR EN

Renovation - Certificate Of Authorisation

Septic Installation - Certificate of Authorisation

Sign - Certificate Of Authorisation

Swimming Pool - Certificate Of Authorization

Underground Water Well Installation - Certificate of Authorization

Usable Drinking Water - Certificate of Authorization FR EN

Works on the bank, the littoral zone, flood plain, in wetland and in ecological zone - Certificate of Autorisation FR EN


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  • List of the Town’s By-law and charges applicable to applications for permit and certificates..


For more information:

Land and Environmental Management
Telephone : (450) 243-6111, ext. 241
The offices are located at 122, Lakeside Road, Brome Lake.