Problems or management of wild animals and fauna

If you have problems with a wild animal like a deer, a coyote or a bear, the first thing to do is to try to frighten it so that it stops bothering you on your property. The Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks provides you with « Trucs sur comment les effaroucher » (tricks to frighten them, IN FRENCH ONLY). If nothing works, communicate with:

Bureaux de la protection de la faune de la Montérégie

329 Racine Road, Granby (Québec) J2G 3B6
Telephone : (450) 776-7131
Toll free : 1 (800) 463-2191
Web site :

Ex : A bear has been wandering around your house or cottage for a few days? First, check if it does not come to your bird feeder at night. Solution: if it does, stop feeding birds for a few days and the bear will leave.

Non-domestic animals like skunks and raccoons

If a skunk has moved under your shed or a raccoon or a crow keeps eating your pet food, the first thing to do is to identify what attracts the animal on your property and to find tricks to frighten it, without having to relocate it (list of tricks suggested by theMinister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks – In French only). If nothing works, you will have to call a private firm to help you solve the problem.

To report an animal that is wounded, sick or that is showing strange behavior

You came across a wild animal which is not afraid of human beings or who even comes towards you? It could have rabies. An animal was struck by a vehicle and is hurt? Report any wounded, sick wild animal or who shows unusual behavior.

Contact toll free : 1 (877) 346-6763

 You witnessed poaching or suspicious hunting or fishing activities

  • Killing animals without a licence
  • Hunting protected species
  • Exceeding the assigned quotas
  • Going hunting or fishing outside the hours or dates allowed by the law
  • Using forbidden hunting or fishing methods or ways to entice or attract animals, birds or fishes

These are all forbidden practices and are liable to fines. So in order to protect the fauna, it is important to report any incident or suspicious activity.

SOS Poaching :1 (800) 463-2191
E-mail :

To report a dead animal on the road or in the forest

If you hit an animal with your vehicle or see a dead animal by the roadside or in the forest, you have to contact the Bureaux de la protection de la faune de la Montérégie, especially if it is part of the animals that must be declared as the whitetail deer, the coyote, the Canadian elk, the bear, the possum and birds of prey. Consult the list of animals that must be declared to know which ones are mandatory by law.

Toll free : 1 (800) 463-2191
E-mail :