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JULY 2019


Last Sitting of Municipal Council


A Look Back at the Council Sitting of July 2nd

A change in the monthly session schedule was announced at the beginning: the date of the next meeting was moved from Monday, August 12 to Monday, August 5.

The Council then authorizes the payment of statements in the respective amounts of $367,920 and $279,389.25, taxes included, (contract AO 2018-18 | Fire truck), $95,190.67 (AO 2019-01 | Trestle Cove), $289,597.10 (contract AO 2018-22 | Town Hall renovation) and $2,971.00 taxes included (contract AO 2018-16 | Mill and Fairmount Road reconstruction).

The elected representatives give their approval to sign two agreements:

- Inter-municipal agreement related to the Mutual Assistance Plan for Civil Protection

- Inter-municipal recreation agreement with the Town of Cowansville.  

The following four hires are approved:

- Chantal Normandin (Communications and Promotion Coordinator for Recreation, Tourism, Culture and Community Life)

- Julie Laurin (Administrative Assistant in the Recreation, Tourism, Culture and Community Life Department)

- Christophe Savoie (Municipal Inspector in the Land Management and Environment Department) - three-year contract

- Corey Massey-Ford (daily worker for parks and infrastructure).

Council adopted By-law 2019-09 authorizing a loan of $332,900 for work to connect an isolated area to the new West Brome Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as the expense and loan associated with the work.

The Council approved six requests for SPAIP and four requests for minor exemptions, and appointed Jan Franssen and Richard Drouin as members of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee.

An expense of $1,200 as a financial contribution to Maison au Diapason is also approved by the elected officials.  

To read the detailed minutes


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When you drive, please slow down!

The Town of Brome Lake has received a higher number of speed-related complaints on its territory since the beginning of the summer season.

Various measures are being implemented to raise awareness among motorists travelling on its territory, including mobile pedagogic radars, which display and record the speed of cars.

The Town of Brome Lake has five of these devices, which are temporarily deployed throughout the town in specific targeted areas. Data collected over the past two years suggest an average speed of 20 km/h above the limit. These are also transferred to the Sûreté du Québec, which can then carry out specific interventions.  

With the intention of stimulating reflection, the Town asks you to respect the speed limits. 

After all, it is about everyone's safety!

Sight corner triangle: for the safety of drivers

What is a sight corner triangle? Located at the intersection of streets where there is a property, it is "formed by lines connecting the driver's eye to the intersection on the secondary road, the vehicle approaching on the main road and the intersection of the two roads", according to the Department of Transportation.

This concept is included in Zoning By-law 596 (paragraph 34) of the Town of Brome Lake. The visibility triangle shall have a minimum length of 7 m from the intersection.

In other words, if your property is on a street corner, it is essential to ensure that the visual field of view of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists travelling on the surrounding roads is clear.  

The following elements are considered problematic within the sight corner triangle:

- Hedge

- Closure

- Masonry wall

- Retaining wall

- Shrub (if it exceeds 90 cm)

The presence of trees is permitted, if the branches and foliage are clear to a height of at least 2.4 m. A sign resting otherwise than on a base or pedestal is also permitted.  

If you are concerned by this issue, we ask you to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of road users in your area, as well as that of your fellow citizens.

Beach image
Beach image

Compost soon available!

The Town of Brome Lake will make compost available for free to its residents at the next opening of the ecocentre (50 Mill Road) on Saturday, August 10, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 12:30 pm to 4 pm.

Bring your bags or load it into your trailer. Note that quantities are limited.

Another option is offered: from Thursday, August 1 to November 29, it will be possible to obtain compost from the platform of the Régie intermunicipale (2500, Saint-Joseph Road, Cowansville).


Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm. Closed from noon to 1 pm on Fridays.

Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. *Exceptionally closed on August 31.

Here are some instructions:

- Bring your containers and shovels
- Handle compost with gloves

Info: www.bmvert.ca

Lyme disease: citizens and workers must remain vigilant

Although widely documented, the presence of ticks that can transmit Lyme disease remains a concern during this summer period. 

People who do outdoor activities (hiking, gardening, camping, etc.) moving through vegetation such as woodlands or tall grass are more likely to be exposed to ticks. 

Road workers and summer camp staff must also pay particular attention to this situation.

For more information:


Beach image
Beach image

Raccoon rage: report suspicious animals!

Have you noticed dead or sick, disoriented, paralyzed or abnormally aggressive animals such as raccoons, skunks or foxes? 

Contribute to the monitoring of raccoon rage by reporting their presence in any season at 1-877-346-6763, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or any time at rageduratonlaveur.gouv.qc.ca.

The Council at a glance: five topics on the agenda

Mayor Richard Burcombe and Communications Manager Ghyslain Forcier discuss five topics as part of their monthly video capsule. Here they are in order:

• The Council formalizes the hiring of four employees

• Financing and refinancing for a total amount of $2.8 million

• News on the old restaurant located at the corner of Victoria Street and Route 104

• Inter-municipal agreement related to the mutual assistance plan in civil security

• The Town launched the water games on June 21

Beach image
Beach image

A few dates to keep in mind

Ecocentre (50 Mill Road)
Saturday, August 10

Monthly pick-up of large items
Zone 1: Monday, August 19
Zone 2: Tuesday, August 20

Check the calendar for all the details


A new feature for teenagers

As a result of consultation with high school students, a structure specifically designed for teens has been installed in Lions Park over the past few weeks. You will notice that the colours chosen, blue and green, reflect those of the logo of the Town of Brome Lake.  

The module has the following features, among others:

- Parallel bars for running parcours/physical exercises
- Surfaces for climbing, sitting, relaxing and listening to music
- A great place to watch friends' skateboarding feats.

From a safety point of view, the module is made of smooth concrete to avoid causing scratches. Its design, especially with rounded corners, prevents injuries. It is durable and easy to clean.

Please note that the landscaping around the module is still not finished. It will be in the coming weeks.

Also note that an artistic project is coming this Fall at the skate park and on the new teen structure! They both will be transformed into a true urban art gallery thanks to the creativity of our young people, supervised by artists. Watch our Facebook page for details!

Beach image
Beach image

BBQ and bouncy games at the Beach Party

A true summer classic, Beach Party is back this year at Douglass Beach (213 Lakeside Road). The festivities take place on Thursday, August 15, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Corn on the cob, hot dogs, duck sausages and drinks will be offered to participants. Younger visitors will have fun with the aquatic inflatable games, new this year!

More details on all upcoming activities

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How to reach us

Administration, Taxes, Town Clerk
Town Hall
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Land Management and Environment
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Roads and Public Works
Municipal Garage
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Public Safety
Fire Station
27 Mont-Echo Road
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Recreation, Tourism, Culture and Community Life
Centre Lac-Brome
270 Victoria Street
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